First things first, I'll send over a questionnaire to get your business goals etc down. And if we're a good fit, let's move ahead.


       I'll want to get to know you and your business better. We'll Skype and be prepared to answer (lots of) questions.


       We should be 80% there in the first draft. If not, let me know, and I'll shift the direction of the work.


       I provide up to two revisions to give your pieces that last shine. Trust me, they'll sparkle like diamonds. 


       After you sign off and tell me you absolutely LOVE it, I'll send over the final invoice.



I work with a variety of clients that fall under a few main categories


Fashion + Lifestyle Brands

Fashion brands, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, fitness studios, beauty brands… you get the gist. 

marketing agencies

Need a copywriter on your team but can't afford one full-time? You're looking at your next best option.


Leave the report editing or customer profile writing to me while you research, interview, get new business. 


We'll make magic together if you are


1. mission-driven

       You're out to change the world, or do something real good. Let me support you on your journey.

2. open to possibilities

       At times I may not have the most conventional approach. Try it and if you don't like it, we'll do it your way.


       I'm passionate about supporting businesses who work toward a triple bottom line. 



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"Her work is constantly clickable and drives strong engagement"

"Miranda was hired to write for Wanderlust Whistler 2014. The analytics have shown that her work is constantly clickable and drives strong engagement, thereby improving the credibility of the Wanderlust brand. I'm so thankful for her help, patience and hard work this summer and can't wait to work with her more."

— Tatum Fjersted, Social Media Manager at Wanderlust Festival

"Miranda truly has a passion to hear the stories of customers"

"In 2013, I contracted Miranda as a blogger/writer for the shopping centre Metropolis at Metrotown. The first post she wrote about was our annual "Shop Til You Drop" event. I expected a simple event recap about the activities of the night, but Miranda went above and beyond, and made the effort to find personalized, unique content for her post by connecting with shoppers - approaching them to ask about their shopping finds, asking them about their favourite stores, taking customer photos, and more.

Miranda truly has a passion to hear the stories of customers, brands and businesses, and has the talent to retell them through her trusted voice and lens."

- Vanessa Choot, Digital Marketing Specialist at Metropolis at Metrotown Shopping Centre


"Miranda is so easy to work with"

"My main concern with hiring a copywriter was whether someone could accurately capture the essence of my fashion company. So I was pleasantly surprised to get exactly what I wanted. Miranda listened to my needs and delivered the final results in a timely manner. I would recommend Miranda because she is so easy to work with and has such a great writing style. 

PS. I love, love, love the final edit!  We got in everything I wanted to convey. Thanks so much!"

— Jenny Yen,  Owner of Two of Hearts Clothing

"She was confident enough to challenge my suggestions"

"I had a client success story on my to-do list for the longest time, but writing for me is like pulling teeth. I knew quickly I found the right person when she came back after our initial meeting with well thought out questions to guide content. She worked independently, project managing the whole process, saving me even more time! She responded to emails promptly and thoroughly and professionally represented my company when interviewing the client. And she was confident enough to challenge my suggestions in order to maintain integrity for the  piece. We barely had to do revisions—the case study came out perfect with the right tone and conversational quality I was looking for."

— Ivana Misci, Principal at Mint Marketing Works

Don't you wanna work together now?